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Lines & Wrinkles

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Treatments For Lines & Wrinkles

As we go through life it is inevitable that fine lines and folds will develop as the skin starts to weaken and the structure of the skin begins to break down. This is due to the fact that as we age our body and skin produce less collagen proteins. The repeated movement of our facial muscles will concentrate the effects initially of fine lines which will eventually develop into larger folds. This process is speeded up by smoking and excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Lines Around the Mouth

It’s always good to smile, but this facial movement can begin to show over time. The wrinkles are concentrated from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the nose. Smoking can also create their own tell-tale lines around the mouth; usually developing initially as fine lines above and below the lips.

Mouth Lines

Forehead Lines

Forehead lines, surprise-surprise, are lines concentrated across the forehead and between the eyebrows. These are developed with by eyebrows moving up, creating more pronounced forehead wrinkles, or down, creating furrows and worry lines.

Forehead lines

Around the Eyes

Crow’s feet are wrinkles that are concentrated around the corners of the eyes and mainly exaggerated by facial movements such as smiling. Depending on your skin type and susceptibility, these can be severe or mild, but unfortunately inevitable.

Crows Feet

Available Treatments:

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